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Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Many people have sought out the expertise of a coach for help with a sport. Perhaps you’ve had a golf pro tweak your swing and experienced the impact that something so simple can have on your game. It is no different in business. A coach can help you fine-tune your techniques in order to meet your goals.


A coach is a neutral third party who can objectively assess what you are doing now. They can help you set goals that are realistic yet challenging and can motivate you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. They will suggest alternate strategies and tactics to improve your effectiveness. Regular “check-ups” with your coach will help keep you motivated and on track.


If you feel that you are falling short of your professional goals but have run out of ideas on how best move forward or are struggling to find motivation, consider working with a coach. Just a few sessions could make all the difference!


The Process: Book a complimentary, 30-minute consultation to discuss general goals and ensure fit.  Once you choose and engage a coach, you will complete any relevant assessments online. The first coaching meeting, typically 1.5 – 2 hours, is used to clarify goals and objectives, reviewing assessments and set the focus for upcoming meetings.


Ongoing meetings will be conducted on a schedule agreed upon by coach and client and will usually last 1 – 1.5 hours each. You will have access to the coach via phone and email between meetings.

Structured Coaching Programs

 Your Executive Coach will focus on whatever issues and goals you bring to the table. We have also designed several structured programs to help with specific topics:

Career Management

Are you waiting for someone else to decide your next career move? If you're not satisfied with how that's working out, take charge of your own destiny!

Discover your best career fit, create a plan and learn the best way to position yourself for the next step.

Learn how to:

  • network in a way that fits with your personal style  

  • create effective written marketing tools that reflect your brand

  • confidently "sell" yourself without sounding arrogant or awkward 

  • negotiate a win-win compensation package

Powerful Presentations

Many people see presentations as the most challenging part of their job.

Regardless of your career choice, there will be times when you must "sell", or simply inform a group of people on your idea, project or vision.

Nothing will build confidence more than being able to take control of your audience! This program will develop self-reliance and assist you in being at ease while standing in front of any group.


Your Inner Game

​Everyone has an "inner voice" - is yours helping you or getting in your way?


Thanks to research in the field of Neuroscience, we know that the conversations we have with ourselves can have positive or detrimental effects on our mental and physical well-being as well as our ability to achieve our goals.


This structured coaching program can help you improve your confidence and resilience by becoming conscious of sabotaging self-talk and and replacing it with a more supportive conversation.